Cardeal & Colibri Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Cardeal’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was constructed in the rural area of Mossoró-RN, covering an area of approximately 20,000 m², of which about 6,000 m² were not deforested. In addition to the WTP, installations of produced water reception manifolds and injection into the East and West Production and Injection Hubs were carried out.

It was built in 2019 with a large capacity for treating produced water.

At the WTP, water treatment is conducted through a set of physical and chemical procedures applied to the produced water so that it is in suitable conditions for reuse.

Therefore, the water is treated and used for well injection for secondary recovery in the reservoir, where the remaining amount of this treated water is applied to irrigate the existing native forest around the WTP and in reforestation projects, strengthening the sustainable concept of its operation.

In this sense, the processes are designed and operated in compliance with current legislation, meeting all parameters following CONAMA resolutions n° 357 and 420.

Brasil Cardeal E Colibri

Amount of Treated Water